Peter Jansen


Fergus McShane, Spaces Magazine, United Kingdom. 

From the moment Peter Jansen graduated at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague he was always fascinated by new techniques and the development of new media. Over the years this has paid Peter Jansen back. Offering up the chance to travel non stop for almost 20 years along with his wife and his ‘virtual studio’ while still being able to create his wonderful panorama works. Already around 1977 Jansen created his first so called ‘vista’, as he called them. The beauty of Jansen’s vistas is that they are truly timeless. Natural images captured in their moment. Jansen’s vistas are a glimpse into the freedom he has found in life. He is free  from restrictions in what he captures and how he captures it. All he needs to continue to create is his small but trusty digital camera.  There are limitless possibilities of what to ‘paint’ when one can find inspiration anywhere, the view of a hotel room, a desert landscape. Each vista plays with the form of the image, always revealing something new. ‘I am not a photographer, so I am not looking for a photographic style,’ he says. ‘Every picture I take is actually a brush stroke. During the shooting I decide how many brush strokes there will be next to each other, where the concentration of images will be, how many side by side, how many from top down.’ The result is a series of ‘paintings’ showing moments of tranquillity and beauty caught in time. We look forward to any moments yet to come.